To open your trust account at a local bank you will need to have the following to take with you (Do NOT take additional documents it will only confuse them!).

  1. Abstract of Trust
  2. EIN Confirmation Letter
  3. Banking Resolution (Please note that everyone that has signed the banking resolution as an authorized representative on the account will need to be present when opening the account. If this is not possible we suggest that you alter your banking resolution to reflect the available trustees that will be present.)

Please also note that not all banks will open a business trust account, you may need to try more than one bank to find success. If you have issues at one bank simply try another.

A word to the wise is to call a few branches first and ask if you can e-mail the documentation so that their legal department can review it as you do not wish to waste a trip and time that is unnecessary.

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  1. Steven Buchanan on October 29, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    I just had my personal bank account turned into a Trust account, transforming the “U.S. Person” into a Trust. It was crazy having the social # deleted from the account as I am now an American National, Trustee; no longer bearing the “Mark”. I just thought of this, if it is a “Personal” Irrevocable Trust account, will it be a big deal or cause issues later on in the future if it was not converted into a business account?

    I was reading information on this site and after remembering how I did my account, that is the only difference.

    • Remedy on October 30, 2019 at 10:55 am

      Personal Trust accounts are public accounts. You should have had your Bailors Trust created when you did your SPC which is to be used as a Private Administrative Trust which means you would use a Business Trust Account not a Personal Trust Account. Taxation is done different since your Personal Trust Account appears as an alter ego on paper and offers no level of separation for you and your property. Anything you put into a personal trust account is deemed as an income from the beginning.
      For more information, please, feel free to reach out to our office Monday thru Thursday 9am to 5pm or Friday 9am to 12pm (EST) at our direct number of (614)302-9752. Thanks!

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