M.La Monte: Altice February 28, 2017 at 3:38 pm

I became a SPC july2015. I have criminal case rhat s in appeal. Unfortunately, I am on parole due to mistke in my sentence where I was to receive a mitigated flat w/o parole. I am tired & irritated of having to sign my name to paperwork every time I stop @ the office. Is there any that u can help w/o getting locked up for a violation-by not signing the certain paperwork?


    Remedy March 7, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Now that you have begun “playing” their game, they will intimidate you into signing their paperwork until you have completed your process of regaining your sovereignty. For more information about getting the Corporate system to recognize your status, please, contact us during our business hours.


    Travis Borden March 10, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Hi you can start by signing whatever paperwork you have to sign
    Without Prejudice, Without Recourse
    (those two go together.)
    Also UCC 1-308
    You should ….I don’t know your cash situation but for $500 it use to be a bit higher…you can have Sovereign Filing Solution file a post CAFV
    Then while you’re waiting for that save some money up and have Tortdivision file a tort
    Hope this helps. Just don’t add the above to your signature make sure you understand what they mean. But at the same time don’t flaunt there meaning as most if not all the paper work they make you sign…they will not know its meaning.


      Lawrence Tankersley April 19, 2021 at 3:38 pm

      My name is Lawrence Tankersley my concerns are I was sentenced in 2017 for traffic charges I was sentenced to two years confinement I went to prison served the two year sentence got out of prison April,19,2019 I had pending charges for two years the warrants were in the data system for two years the n.I.c. system. The pending charges were related to the same incident at the same time which was aggravated assault on a peace officer. The aggravated assault was the greater offense then the charges in Richmond county the incident started in Columbia county. I filed production order to take care of the pending charges it was ignored. The officer statement stated he suffered minor abraisions to his elbow and knees after he Was thrown to the ground, but the district attorney stated at my status conference that I drugged the officer with the vehicle me and my attorney viewed the video and that was not the case. My attorney on the first trial gave me her best advise and told me to take the two years in Richmond County if Columbia county can not come back with the charges in Columbia county if they do it will be Double Jeopardy, well I got out of prison April 19,2019 and Columbia county was their to get me on the charges of aggravated assault on a peace officer, felony shoplifting, fleeing to elude a officer. The charges in Richmond County was fleeing to elude, damage to property, reckless driving, obstruction them was the charges in Richmond county, the charges in Columbia county was aggravated assault on a peace officer, felony shoplifting, fleeing to elude a officer. The Columbia county charges was the serious known crimes so therefore them charges should’ve been tried first, but my attorney came with a so called law called sorority law where each county had the chance to sentence me separate the court never ordered a separate trial after during sentenced in Richmond county Columbia county lost jurisdiction. I got back to Columbia county April 19,2019 I was indicted April ,25,2019 after being in Columbia county for four or five day’s when they had two years to indict me. It’s double jeopardy. The law states that the greater offenses should be tried first and the lesser offenses run in to the greater offenses and that didn’t happen. I’m willing to become a sovereign citizen all the way I want my life back of parole probation I don’t want no more dependants on the government. I hope to here back from you all. I got my transcripts but I’m having problems with getting my status conference transcrip.I’m in prison I don’t have a E-mail but my address is Johnson state prison p.o. Box 344 wrigghtsville Georgia, 31096.


        Remedy May 24, 2021 at 3:38 pm

        Why did you not file for a fast and speedy trial while you were incarcerated? If they issued a warrant on you for the charges it does not fall under double jeopardy because, its new charges in second county. Your attorney should have shown the court that the instances were related and you have already been convicted for the alleged offense.


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